Broken Heart Necklace -

Broken Heart Necklace

Dichroic Glass BFF Pendants

Our dichroic heart pendants showcases the many colors of love itself.


Three color options:


1. Dichroic Shifting Neo-Lavender/baby powder blue depending on light, sparkling Silver shining though, Silver Chain

2. Black with Dichroic pink & gold heart print with gold chain

3. Opaque rose colored glass with light pink mini Dichroic Hearts print & Rose gold Chain

Our heart pendants are fired to 1450 degrees Fahrenheit to produce its lustrous finish and is handmade 100% in California.

*Sold as a set of 2 necklaces, making a whole heart 💔

Specifications: Pendant: Dichroic glass heart pendants, varying from 1"-1/2” wide. 4mm thick

Bail/Finding: Silver/Gold/Rose Gold plated on back

Due to the cut of the glass, the colors and patterns in each piece of the collection will vary.


Made in the USA

Originating first as a pear or “cone” shape in the mid-13th century, the heart symbol certainly has antiquated origins. Over time the symbol shifted to having more of a scalloped shape that hints at both pure love and romance with its curves and meaning as the pulsing center of the human body. Artists, theologians, historians, writers, and several others contemplated the existence of the heart both as a life-giving organ and as a metaphysical symbol of enduring passion. It is then of no coincidence jewelry is shaped in the form of a heart both for platonic and intensely romantic purposes.

Necklace length
Primary color
Rose gold